We'r not a ❌ business model.
We'r not a ❌ charity project.
We'r a movement reshaping the planet.


                  "To bring forth a Novel Organisation Structure for Corporate Social Responsibility"

                  ~ We set our organisational goals beyond business or asset expansion - rather, we provide for people with financial sufferings, enabling heart-warming meals to families. People not only benefit from healthy vegetarian meals, they get to Mother Earth.

                  ~ Typical SOCIAL ENTERPRISES still make margin and generate profit. For us,  this money is not meant for a small group of people, but is all out in helping more and more people.

                  "To enable 1% of world population to experience :
                  No matter how insignificant you feel you are, you can actually be very great -  because you are directly affecting the whole world!"

                  Every meal and act of Blisstifood brings forth appreciation of positive potentiality created to the individual consumer, to the beneficiary, to the entire ecology of Earth!